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A brief overview of our industry and our reason for being:

Advances in technology affect each one of us every day. In every facet of our lives, new developments are coming along enhancing our abilities to communicate, entertain, educate, feed, shelter, doctor, and inter-relate with one another.

To bring these new products and developments from the conceptual stage into general use, innovation has been especially active in the manufacturing and construction sectors.


In the late 1800s and throughout the 1900s, the standardization of components, especially in fasteners, led to the development of the assembly line which in turn opened the door to mass production.


Today, as products have become more complex, sub-components have their own assembly lines and are then being integrated into larger assembly processes. How this is done has been steadily changing from mechanical fastening methods, using screws, nuts and bolts, to chemical fastening with the use of high tech adhesives.


In the electronics industry, components have become extremely sophisticated. The use and handling of these components is simplified by the process of modularization. Complex circuits are developed and then imbedded in polymer castings, again using high tech resin systems. Gone are the days of user serviceable components in electronic products. Modularization simplifies the production of complex products making them producible at an affordable price.


High tech polymer systems have also found extensive use in the construction industry. Engineers and architects have been pushing the envelope in the structural design of roads, bridges and buildings.  These developments have spawned a more thorough understanding of the material sciences related to construction components. This in turn has led to the development and employment of high performance two component sealants, structural adhesives, and anti-corrosion coating systems.


The increased use of chemical fastening technology and the development of high-tech polymer systems have necessitated innovation in the way these materials are handled. Accurate metering and mixing of the chemical components is required to cause them to go from a liquid phase to solid.

The main development which has given wings to the high tech adhesive and dual component polymer industry is the invention of the static mixer.

Until the advent of the static mixer it was very difficult and costly to process these chemicals in-line. The static mixer has changed all that.


A static mixer takes the “difficult dynamic” out of mixing chemicals. It essentially braids two fluids without the introduction of air as they flow down a tube. The chemicals are introduced to an “element” which cuts them in half, re-orients them ninety degrees and introduces them to the next element where the process repeats. At each element the number of layers of liquid in the tube is doubled.  The number of elements required to thoroughly blend two chemicals is dependent to a large extent upon the miscibility of the two liquids, their relative specific gravities, and how they are introduced to each other at the inlet of the mixer.

Initially this technology was reserved for in-house production lines because of the cost of the mixers and cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Once the “disposable” static mixer came into being, disposable cartridge systems evolved to perform the functions of containing and metering two chemicals, essentially “modularizing” the meter-mix-dispense process. Two component polymers can now be metered, mixed and dispensed on demand practically anywhere.


That, brings us around to Dispense Pak Inc.

As with any technological development there are limitations. A thorough understanding of the technology and its limitations is important to be able to employ it effectively.

The people at Dispense Pak Inc. are specialists in the correct application of cartridge systems for the processing of dual component high tech polymers and adhesives.

Our expertise is in the thorough understanding of our cartridge systems and the liquids that go into them. Through extensive experience we can predict how they will perform, allowing us to advise our clients on how to avoid costly mistakes.

Not all cartridge systems are the same. Each has its place. That is why we carry so many different lines.  Every chemical application is unique. Knowing how to accommodate the differences and cost effectively put the appropriate chemical into the “right” cartridge system is what makes us invaluable in our field.

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400ml-C-Cartridges     50ml-A-Cartridges


What can we do for you?

We can evaluate your application and suggest the most appropriate cartridge format available to suit your requirements.

We can source and supply “dry” cartridge components for your application or provide them to you filled with your resin system.


We can modify your resin system to ensure that it will work effectively in a cartridge format. Degassing it to lessen its compressibility or building its viscosity or thixotropy to help it stay put after application.

Where a cartridge system does not fit an application we can provide other solutions such as our “Dispense-Pakit” ™, the dual chambered flexible package with a burstable membrane. This environmentally friendly package is perfect for single applications. The resin system is precisely metered during the filling process. The chemicals are contained and mixed within the package so it is very clean. When the contents of the package have been used the residual material solidifies so there is no liquid waste to deal with. It can be sized for a specific application to minimize waste. It is perfect for repairs and inclusion in kits where an adhesive is required.

We can supply application equipment for cartridge systems, manual or pneumatically actuated extrusion guns.



We can supply cartridge based air-spray systems for two component coatings and specialized static mixers for different spray patterns.


In short, once you know the requirements of your application and have determined the polymer system that you want to use, talk to the people at Dispense Pak Inc.

Our product is your product packaged for peak performance™